Thursday, April 2, 2009

McG Talks About Chritian Bale and Terminator: Salvation

Mania has an exclusive interview with Terminator: Salvation
director McG talking about the movie, Christian, and his
upcoming projects. Here's what he had to say about Christian:

Mania: There are a lot of stories about Bale not liking the original script. Obviously, you got him to the do film. What has Christian Bale been like to work with?
McG: He has been a partner every step of the way. That has been the nature of our relationship. He has been my partner in the making of this movie to this day. He and I will talk about the movie tonight. We speak about it every single day. That is not to say he isn’t passionate about Public Enemies, of course he is. He gives everything to what he is currently involved in. He totally immerses himself.
Mania: What didn’t he like about the script?
McG: It was too goofy. It read like Terminator 4. We were like; we’re not going to make Terminator 4! We have to make a film that is a story first and takes advantage of what has been put into motion by Jim [Cameron]. Jim is very passionate about the Terminator and what it means and where the world is headed. He is focused on it and we honor that mythology in the same respect and that was our genesis.

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